Post Zero

Jan 01, 2015

The first post, on my first “real” piece of the interwebs.

Seems like I’m obliged to put something real smart right here right now. For the lack of inspiration and because I cringe on the idea of putting a recycled famous quote, I’ll just put a mental note to promise myself to try to put as much useful/amusing/informative things as I can in the future of this little digital node.

I’ll put a physical one somewhere within reach as well.

What you, dear reader, can expect to find here in some obscure point in the future are random bits from my daily escapades in programming, travel, engineering, science, gaming and other assorted adventures I’m currently interested in or will develop an interest in the future. Essentially a core dump of all the thing I find fascinating and/or interesting, at least the ones that qualify for being write-up worthy.

Hopefully, X years in the future, I’ll be able to look back on this post and see a lot of material that fits that bill. That’s the plan. ;)

You’ll rarely find me writing about myself, since frankly, I’m not that interesting and usually save personal stories for, well, personal encounters. You’ll also be hard pressed to find me elsewhere on the interwebs, save for a few places. I’m not that into social networks really, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy good company. If I’ve met you before and we’ve lost touch or we didn’t and you want to tell me something, I’d be happy to hear from you. Your best bet is using

The outline is set and I might as well start using this space.

Here’s to a prosperous future!