GSOC Final update
Aug 2015 GSoC has come to an end, BeagleSat carries on
GSOC Week 12
Aug 2015 Found a solver that does the job, Python should be up in a bit
GSOC Week 11
Aug 2015 A commit a day makes (almost) all bugs go away
GSOC Week 10
Aug 2015 Note to self: Documentation is *super* important!
GSOC Week 9
Jul 2015 C is the key, but Python is quicker.
GSOC Week 8
Jul 2015 Got some basic API code in, also an input-output Linux loadable kernel module (LKM) for testing. Floating point stuff in the LKM module not there yet.
GSOC Week 7
Jul 2015 Crunching in on the API, includes some (significant!) amount of reading.
GSOC Week 6
Jul 2015 Moved on to requirements and API design. Linux kernel modules are fascinating and (not very) hard.
GSOC Week 5
Jun 2015 Improved 2D correction and hit a bump with 3D fitting. Apparently, MATLAB isn't happy with solving a 9 unknowns 9 non-linear equation system symbolically.
GSOC Week 4
Jun 2015 2D correction works like a charm, forward to 3D and other nice dimensions.
A first glance at the 2D Correction algorithm
Jun 2015 Just finished a MATLAB/Octave script to test out correction from a distorted ellipse set of measurements to an ideal set of data points.
GSOC Week 3
Jun 2015 Data collection working, onwards to the correction algorithm!
GSOC Week 2
Jun 2015 Played with the sensors a bit and got some good reads. Next up: getting a good body of data.
Correction algorithm design
Jun 2015 Putting down the correction algorithm on a (digital) piece of paper, seems a bit clearer now.
GSOC Week 1
Jun 2015 Magnetic fields, magnetic fields everywhere!
This summer is gonna be grand
Mar 2015 I've been a bit away lately and was busy snooping around for my next project. Seems like it panned out.
The magic of LaTeX
Setting it up, Arch Linux style
Jan 2015 Going from a Ruby-less Linux distro to one that can generate your static website in a couple of seconds, serve it locally and regenerate it, while you write up new posts. Can it make tea as well? Let's find out.
Building it, one commit at a time
Jan 2015 The road from an empty GitHub repository to a pretty decent and functional minimal website. Though it's far from finished and there's still work to be done.
Post Zero
Jan 2015 This is where it all began. Came searching for a way to build my website, found Jekyll and stayed for the ride. Enjoying it immensely so far.