GSOC Week 1

Jun 02, 2015

And I can measure them fields now, which is nice.

Lots of numbers

Worked on:

  • Hardware setup and configuration
  • Basic readouts of MPU9250 via SPI
  • Testing currently available drivers and available code
  • Looking into what can be reused and what should be redone
  • Final touches on the presentation + Intro video (awaiting upload when the VPN is stable)
  • Blog space ready for tracking progress
  • Received the PNI RM3100 modules via FedEx


  • The Great Firewall of China (see intro video above)
  • page still pending

To be worked on:

  • Getting a cohesive setup for the sensors
  • Interfacing with the PNI RM3100 magnetometers
  • Looking into the parameter computation ML algorithms (and how to optimally implement them in the coming weeks)
  • PRU viability will be considered
  • page + more blogging