GSOC Week 2

Jun 10, 2015

Second week of GSoC 2015 coding for the BeagleSat project. Stuff has been done, exams are upon us.

Worked on:

  • Hardware setup mostly done
  • Finished layout graphic and added it to video and some other minor edits
  • Readouts from PNI RM3100 via SPI working, more testing this week
  • Writing code for both sensors to measure and store a workable amount of data for ML estimator


  • AdviceRequest@BeagleBoard: Recommendations for C/C++ ML library (or any optimized computational library for minimizations), links are awesome to
  • Finals week, eg. a lot of distractions
  • Uploading video to YouTube, if it doesn’t work until tomorrow, I’ll upload it via non google services or send it to someone

To be worked on:

  • Drivers and data collector code for the sensors
  • ML stuff, have to start implementing it (test with Octave, later implement in C++)
  • page + more blogging (still a bit to do)