GSOC Week 3

Jun 16, 2015

Week three of the GSoC 2015 BeagleSat project, a future CubeSat development platform.

Worked on:


  • Soon to begin testing data in Octave. A possible issue is that the data should come from rotating the sensor around a stable axis, which would require building an apparatus to hold the sensors while rotating in a stable orbit. If it turns out to be a blocker, I’ll look into 3D printing such a device and rigging it to the BeagleBone
  • Last weeks ML library issue should be a non issue, I’ll use a matrix computation library when porting the code to C++, it should suffice

To be worked on:

  • Currently using SPIDEV for the data, transfer to drivers later in the project
  • More Octave stuff in the coming week
  • page soon