GSOC Week 6

Jul 07, 2015

While I thinker with a solution to my last week’s equation problem, I started working on the API design and how to put all the work in a Linux Kernel module. After failing miserably at my first attempt, I revisited my bookmarked library and found this brilliant guide to LKMs on the BeagleBone Black.

Now I just have to go from a piece of paper with my requirements to some runnable kernel code.

Worked on

  • Educating myself on sysfs and Linux Kernel Module programming
  • Requirements and API design (and still working on it)


  • Tried writing an overall design and it wasn’t looking quite good, went back to read a bit on sysfs and LKMs
  • Yury’s method works extremely well; still have to figure out how to get a rotation matrix from eigenvector output
  • Solving the non-linear equations is currently on hold; Mathematica is a possible solution

To be worked on:

  • Write API header from requirements
  • Overall systems design (and put it on a graph)
  • Choose a sysfs structure, start writing the kernel module
  • Figure out the eigenvector rotation matrix