GSOC Week 7

Jul 16, 2015

Well, writing your own API is fun, after you finish a week long marathon on reading how not to screw it up. I’m at the finishing part, and starting to put it into code. Heeding all the warning on how not to screw it up, hopefully.

Worked on

  • More API design reading, mostly done
  • Had a hangout with S. Arnold and Alexander H. about the API, got some good insights from them


  • Yury’s method works extremely well; still have to figure out how to get a rotation matrix from eigenvector output
  • Solving the non-linear equations is currently on hold; Mathematica is a possible solution (working on it!)
  • Running around Hong Kong too much, should be done soon

To be worked on:

  • Writing the API, finally
  • Overall systems design (and put it on a graph?)
  • Figure out the eigenvector rotation matrix