GSOC Week 12

Aug 19, 2015

Found an adequate solution to the solver using Python. The inspiration came from a blogpost for a similar ellipsoid fitting optimization. It’s gonna need a bit of fixing to work more like the Octave setup I have now, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Next up, write ALL the documentation!

Worked on

  • Found a proper solution to the ellipsoid fitting in Python.
  • Needs a bit of fixing, but will be up and running in a couple of hours.
  • Plotting the fitted data in a nice example program.


  • Good news, I found out what’s happening under the hood in the eig() function in MATLAB. Partially bad news, it’s pre-compiled FORTRAN.
  • Since Python’s NumPy library uses the same solver underneath, will just go with that for now.
  • Well, 48 hours a day would be nice, but probably still not enough.

To be worked on:

  • Patch up the solver, and integrate it into the code.
  • Split it up into a proper Python package.
  • Document everything!