GSOC Week 4

Jun 24, 2015

Week four is upon us, more stuff has been done, more stuff to be done. Finished the 2D correction algorithm in MATLAB, more about that here.

Worked on:

  • 2D Correction algorithm in MATLAB, works like a charm
  • Parameter estimator is very fast locally, will be porting to Octave to test execution speed on the BeagleBone
  • Parameter estimation on simulated data yields less than 1% error on all deformations except rotation (rotation is variable in error, but less than 2%)


  • Research was helpful, but the algorithm part could have been a bit more elaborate
  • Octave was super uncooperative with the symbolic toolbox, have to look i into that and move the MATLAB code to Octave (go team open-source!)
  • Sensor testing complexity still unknown (last week’s issue), will be testing in the coming weeks

To be worked on:

  • Expanding the 2D correction algorithm to a 3-axis one
  • Adding time-variant error compensation using telemetry and additional inputs
  • Currently using SPIDEV for the data readouts, transfer to proper drivers later in the project